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Internet Service in Colorado Springs Brings the World to Your Desktop

Are you looking for Internet in your area? Find it today. Whether you're moving to a new home, switching service providers or helping someone you love get Web access, you're only a phone call away from getting the connection you need to explore the digital expanse of information, entertainment and interactivity. What will you do with your Internet connection?

  • Access nearly unlimited information
  • Use email and social media to interact with friends and to connect with people from all over the world
  • Watch entertaining videos, download music from your favorite artists and play online games
  • Improve your productivity with the vast array of online tools available for students and professionals

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What are the different types of Colorado Springs Internet companies?

The different types of Internet service vary significantly. Which service you choose should depend on factors like where you live and what connection speeds you need to access the online content you love. First, discover the different types of Internet companies and technologies. Then choose a provider that offers your ideal solution.

Dial-up Internet companies

Dial-up Internet companies were the first widespread service providers. Dial-up Internet is widely available, as it is normally administered by local and regional telephone companies. Unfortunately, it also offers the lowest connection speeds.

With dial-up, your computer dials a telephone number each time you want to access the Internet, and it receives Internet signals through a traditional landline telephone.

DSL service providers

DSL is an alternative to dial-up that offers always-on connectivity. Because it uses a different type of cable for the network connection, you don't have to dial in each time you want to use the Internet. And you don't have to tie up your home phone line, either.

Cable service providers

Cable Internet is one of the most common types of service in Colorado and throughout the country. With cable service, your computer connects to a cable modem, which connects to your Internet service provider using a coaxial cable. Coaxial cables provider greater bandwidth and allow for a faster connection than you can get with dial-up or DSL.

Satellite Internet companies

Satellite Internet companies offer a faster alternative for dial-up customers who don't have access to other high-speed providers. Rather than using cable to access the Internet, satellite Internet transmits data between your home satellite dish and your Internet service provider's satellites in space. While satellite Internet is faster than dial-up, it isn't as fast as cable service.

Fiber-optic Internet service

Fiber-optic Internet is the best option in Colorado Springs for extremely fast connection speeds. Fiber-optic cables transfer large amounts of data efficiently using light signals rather than electrical signals. Originally used to form the high-bandwidth backbone of major Internet networks, fiber-optic Internet companies are now delivering their high-speed, efficient service to homes nationwide.

Internet companies: the difference between packages and bundles

Internet packages and equipment

What's included in an Internet package?

  • Modems: Your modem is the processing center that stands between your Internet service provider and your computer. Internet modems decode the signal from your provider so that your computer can interpret it.
  • Routers: Internet routers distribute a single Internet connection to multiple computers throughout your home. Routers prevent you from having to run a separate line and connect a separate modem to each computer in a home network.
  • Cables and lines: Phone lines, coaxial cables and fiber-optic cables connect your modem to your Internet service provider's network.
  • Ethernet cords: Ethernet cords and similar hardware connect your modem to your computer.

Internet bundles

Home Internet service is usually administered by local, regional and national telecommunications companies that offer other services such as television and phone. Most Internet companies offer bundling options that allow you to combine services. Internet bundles are convenient because you often get the services included at a cheaper rate than you could if you purchased them separately.

Four things to consider when choosing Internet in Colorado Springs

  • Connection speeds: Do you want the fastest connections available to fully enjoy your online experience?
  • Price: What price are you willing to pay for monthly service?
  • Packages and equipment: What kind of packages are available from your company? Do you have to buy your own equipment, or can you rent it on a monthly basis?
  • Bundling: Can you bundle Internet with phone and television service to save money and get convenient billing?

Find out more about Internet in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Call 1-888-573-6328 to discover your best options for Web access.